Grace - Not Over Yet (The 2016 Remixes) Part 1

Category: Perfecto Records


As far classic releases from the Perfecto Records back catalogue go there are few more generation defining than Grace - Not Over Yet. Originally reaching number 6 in the UK Top 40 charts, Not Over Yet was a major cross-over record which legacy continues today through the countless compilation albums who have hosted it and the long list of unofficial remixes that have continued to breathe new life into it. A huge Sasha and Digweed classic (as featured on their legendary 1994 Renaissance compilation album) this infectious record from Paul Oakenfold was
a firm favourite for a variety of A list DJ's, from an even wider variety of genre backgrounds across the globe.

With Perfecto Records beginning the process of re-releasing a carefully picked selection of highlight tracks from the label's back catalogue - what better way to begin than with Not Over Yet.

The first remix in Part 1 comes from rising UK star Vanilla Ace, keeping the original synths and chord progression but adding his own edge and uplifting pianos. Johnny Yono then brings his trademark epic trance sound with a journey as epic if not more than the original. London underground duo Marcellus Wallace add a darker shade to the package with a bouncy tech version, and with Nathan C adding the groovy progressive side to round off a package ready for a any situation or club. Time to re-invent as classic.

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